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Award-winning Structural Engineer Ada Yoneth, one of the few women to have a Nobel Prize

Robin Beinfait: STEM Gem Leading the Way in Mobile Technology

robin-bienfait-rim-cioWith each passing day, we learn about new STEM Gems making strides in the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math while overcoming obstacles and making history in the world of STEM. Today, we introduce a STEM Gem who is a pioneer for STEM learning and a leader in the technology world. Robin Bienfait is Executive Vice President & Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer at Samsung Electronics. Read more about how her extensive background in technology makes her one of the most recognized women in the field today.

Who: Robin Bienfait is Executive Vice President & Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer at Samsung Electronics, the eleventh most valuable brand in the world and global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere. She is responsible for building strong partnerships with large global customers to deliver enterprise class services.

What: With a Master’s Degree in Management of Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Central Missouri State University and an Associate Business Degree from Maryland University, European Division, Bienfait has over 30+ years of experience and expertise in mobility, security, business development, enterprise sales, wireless network operations and engineering.

When: In May 1985, Bienfait started working at AT&T. During her tenure at the company where she held a number of senior leadership positions, she led over 30,000 employees dedicated to building a scalable and reliable enterprise class network. After 22 years, Beinfait retired on a full pension with the mobile carrier but soon realized that she wasn’t exactly ready to live the retired life of leisure. In January 2007, she became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian firm responsible for the wildly successful family of Blackberry products. After 6 years with the company, she retired from her role as CIO but continued in an advisory role for RIM’s transition to their new operating system, Blackberry 10. She has been an Advisor of BlackBerry Limited (formerly, Research In Motion Limited) since December 31, 2012. Soon after leaving RIM, Bienfait assumed the role of Executive Vice President & Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer at Samsung Electronics.

Why: Bienfait’s StemConnectors.org profile shares her personal philosophy that includes three principles that promote value to any organization: keep the customer at the center of everything you do; you are only as good as your team; and being successful doesn’t always mean moving up, it sometime means moving laterally so that you can learn and grow. As a STEM leader in the world of technology, Bienfait understands that students who are proficient in STEM subjects will forge tomorrow’s economies. The company’s mission to raise student interest in STEM subjects nationwide through innovative programs with their partners is an integral part of her role at Samsung. Additionally, her expansive work in the mobile sector has made her an expert in the field with indispensable insight about its future. Through her work at Samsung, she is leading the way in keeping up with vast mobile trends seen today such as the overall impact of mobility to businesses, security solutions for enterprises and the future of wearable devices.

How: Being a pioneer for STEM learning and a leader in the technology world, Bienfait is a member of various professional organizations including: The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Georgia CIO Leadership Association, Atlanta CEO Council, Tech America, TechBridge, American Red Cross Tiffany Circle and Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she also serves on the boards for the following organizations: Global Aviation Company, X-span Results and Georgia Tech College of Management.


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