Transforming Pins to Profits: STEM Gem Spotlight Unnur Gretarsdottir

An Internet search for “women in STEM” will yield countless articles, studies and books that discuss the importance of women in the STEM workforce. The STEM Gems book assumes a different take on the subject by shining a spotlight on 44 inspiring women who are breaking down barriers and playing their part in eliminating the gender gap that exists in STEM today. Today’s STEM Gem, Unnur Gretarsdottir, is the head of monetization engineering at Pinterest. Read more about this remarkable woman and how she recognizes the importance of diversity in the tech industry.

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Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Stronger: Julia Greer is Changing the Idea of How Materials Are Made

Being a STEM Gem is more than having a career in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. It’s about overcoming obstacles, never taking no for an answer, eliminating barriers and making a path for others where no path previously existed. Today’s spotlight shines on renowned professor Julia R. Greer, professor of Materials Science and Mechanics at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). Read more about how her research in the nanoworld is changing the landscape of materials available today.

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