“What if we treated female scientists the way we treated famous actors, TV personalities and models?”

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Very pleased Principal!
Stephanie Espy did an outstanding job with this book! As a Middle School Principal, I am very excited to bring this into my building as a resource for my girls (and boys). I recommend this to anyone who works with students, has a child, or is interested in STEM for themselves!
Laina Cox
I bought for my daughter and for …
I bought this book for my daughter and for my students. It helps give these young ladies ideas about all the possibilities out there.
Jeff Shrader
This book is a “must-have” as it will ignite the …
This book is a “must-have” as it will ignite the minds of females across the globe. It provides a framework to reshape cultural and societal bias regarding girls and women in STEM.
Inspirational Book for Young Women Interested in Science & Math
Amazing, inspirational book that provides a diverse group of role models to help young women become and stay interested in science and math related careers. I bought a copy for my nieces and goddaughter. I recommend buying one for every budding scientist in your home!
Nina M. Johnson
A must have for every parent of a young girl!
This book is awesome! As a Diversity and Inclusion Leader for a major industrial corporation, as well as the mother of a young daughter, this book is so needed! I am helping to put it in the hands of as many young girls and parents of young girls as possible. Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to capture the stories of these 44 Stem Gems!
Clara Green
Valuable lessons
Great book with an important message. I work with a lot of early to mid stage technology companies and some of the best performers have women leading the charge. This book shines a light on recent success stories, inspires the next generation of women leaders in tech and provides an important message to their male counterparts.
I found this book so inspirational even for someone like myself very advanced in my career
I found this book so inspirational even for someone like myself very advanced in my career. The range of ways women are making their mark in the STEM world is awesome. I wish every young girl…..and boy had a chance to read this and realize what is possible.
Helene D. Gayle, MD

By 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computing-related fields, with U.S. graduates on track to fill 29% of those jobs — but women are on track to fill only 3% of those jobs.

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