"I think the population is losing half of the human brain power by not encouraging women to go into the sciences. Women can do great things if they are encouraged to do so."

Award-winning Structural Engineer Ada Yoneth, one of the few women to have a Nobel Prize

STEM Gems Book


STEM Gems: How 44 Women Shine in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and How You Can Too!

A vibrant, full-color 8.5″ x 8.5″ square book (232 pages) by Stephanie Espy with a mission to expose girls and young women to the many and varied options within STEM, to give them female STEM role models, and to help them create their own unique paths. Buy a copy today for the girls in your life, and show them that girls rock in STEM!

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In STEM Gems, you and your daughters, nieces, neighbors, friends or students will discover:

  • The stories of 44 inspiring women in 44 diverse STEM careers and how they made it
  • The challenges these incredible women faced in pursuit of their dreams
  • The tremendous accomplishments these Gems have achieved in their respective STEM fields
  • Advice on how to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers
  • Actionable steps girls and young women can take right now to set themselves up for success
  • What girls and young women can expect in a promising STEM career, and much, much more!

Through the powerful stories of the STEM Gems in this book, girls and young women will have their pick of current role models of all ages, ethnicities and job types. And through the eight chapters that outline actionable steps, girls and young women will learn what they can do right now, today, to set themselves up for success and to create their own unique paths.

The STEM Gems book is relatable, encouraging and inspiring, demonstrating the limitless possibilities for the next generation of women.

The Science section – represented by the amethyst gem – features inspiring STEMGems in 12 diverse fields:


The Technology section – represented by the ruby gem – features inspiring STEM Gems in 10 diverse fields:


The Engineering section – represented by the sapphire gem – features inspiring STEM Gems in 10 diverse fields:


The Mathematics section – represented by the emerald gem – features inspiring STEM Gems in 12 diverse fields:


Join the STEM Gems Movement and help create a better future with more possibilities for OUR girls!


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21% of girls say their parents have encouraged them to be an actress, while 10% of girls say their parents have encouraged them to think about an engineering career.

Source: Harris Interactive for the American Society for Quality