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Pilar Molina Lopez

Animation Technologist

“Find out what you want, work hard for it and be patient. Hard work is essential. You will find mentors… Ask them for help and advice. Surround yourself with people who are better than you are.”

Career Highlights
  • Assistant technical director at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Works hand in hand with artists to perfect films through innovative technology, including the 2016 film Zootopia
  • Uses a software program called a shader which enables communication between artist and computer to bring about visually stunning effects
  • Loved playing with construction toys as a child which she credits in part to her interest in engineering

STEM Gems Club

Is a career as an Animation Technologist in your future? Do the special effects in animated movies and videos excite you? STEM Gem Pilar Molina Lopez is a face of modern animation. Her many projects, including the 2016 blockbuster Zootopia, have delighted audiences nationwide. Read her story and digest. Consider watching one of her videos. Then, with your STEM Gems Tribe, discuss, explore, reflect, and act.