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Karen Olson

Forensic Scientist

“Overcome your fears by gaining experience and practice.”

Career Highlights
  • Forensic Research Scientist at the Defense Forensic Science Center (DFSC) military facility
  • Work helps investigators to connect and solve crimes committed by the same offender
  • Serves the U.S. Army and other Department of Defense organizations in DNA analysis, digital evidence, drug chemistry, firearms and tool marks, forensic documents, latent fingerprints and trace evidence
  • Influenced as a teen by two teachers who crafted exciting experiments, including a memorable study on fingerprints that sparked her interest in forensics

STEM Gems Club

Is a career in Forensic Science in your future? What a cool way to help people! STEM Gem Karen Olson influences the development of new crime-fighting technology to assist in solving crimes. Read her story and digest. Watch one of her online videos. Then, with your STEM Gems Tribe, discuss, explore, reflect, and act.