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Carol Espy-Wilson

Electrical Engineer

“Don’t let fear keep you from doing anything. Face your fears.”

Career Highlights
  • Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland at College Park
  • Founder and CEO of Omni-Speech, a company that improves voice clarity on cell phones and other communication devices in noisy environments
  • Works to better understand the integration of engineering, linguistics and speech acoustics to study speech communication (think iPhone’s Siri)
  • Attended pre-engineering academic programs in high school that boosted her confidence and interest in STEM

STEM Gems Club

Is a career in Electrical Engineering in your future? STEM Gem Carol Espy-Wilson is crafting 3D models of the human vocal tract to better understand the relationship between the characteristics of physical speech signals and the corresponding position of speech articulators. Now we can talk to Siri as if we are talking to a friend. Read her story and digest. Watch one of her videos. Then, with your STEM Gems Tribe, discuss, explore, reflect, and act.