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Attention STEM Educators, Program Directors, Corporate Sponsors, and Community Leaders!

Start a STEM Gems Club today for girls in your school, organization, or community group.

You can’t be what you can’t see. When girls and young women come together regularly to engage in STEM conversations and exploration, their minds are opened to a world of opportunity.
  • They are empowered to take on new challenges, to learn it’s okay to make mistakes, to learn from failures, to believe in themselves, to speak up and speak out, to exhibit bravery instead of perfection, to take calculated risks, to reject boredom, to conquer their fears, to go beyond.
  • With your guidance, you can lead a group of girls and young women to explore STEM careers and help strengthen the STEM pipeline with capable, strong, and confident girls.
  • Recruit a group of 10-20 girls (boys welcome too!) and a passionate STEM Gems adult ambassador(s), and start a STEM Gems Club today! Whether your club members meet daily, weekly, every other week, or monthly, remember that consistency is important.
  • Order the STEM Gems Books, Empowerment T-shirts, and Tote Bags for your club members. To place a bulk order, please email the distributor at
  • Download the STEM Gem Club Discussion Guides  and utilize the related resources (see below) to activate the next generation of STEM leaders in your community or school!
  • Once you have your STEM Gems Club formed, email to receive your free STEM Gems Club Poster!

Click on a STEM Gem below to download the Discussion Guides, Articles, and Videos.

Jennifer Chayes
Jennifer ChayesNetwork Scientist
Inez Fung
Inez FungAtmospheric Scientist
Helene Gayle
Helene GayleGlobal Health Scientist
Laurie Glimcher
Laurie GlimcherImmunologist
Christine Goforth
Christine GoforthEntomologist
Janet Jansson
Janet JanssonMicrobiologist
Michele Koons
Michele KoonsArchaeologist
Marcia Kemper McNutt
Marcia Kemper McNuttOceanographer and Geophysicist
Karen Olson
Karen OlsonForensic Scientist
Carolyn Porco
Carolyn PorcoPlanetary Scientist
Lisa Randall
Lisa RandallTheoretical Physicist
Pardis Sabeti
Pardis SabetiComputational Biologist and Geneticist

Mireille Akilian
Mireille AkilianHysteroscopy Technologist
Erika Ebbel Angle
Erika Ebbel AngleBio-technologist
Shaherose Charania
Shaherose CharaniaStartup Champion and Entrepreneur
Lorrie Faith Cranor
Lorrie Faith CranorOnline Security Expert
Mary Lou Jepsen
Mary Lou JepsenHolography and Virtual Reality Technologist
Holly Liu
Holly LiuInternet Gaming Technologist
Pilar Molina Lopez
Pilar Molina LopezAnimation Technologist
Andrea Luecke
Andrea LueckeSolar Energy Technologist
Heather Payne
Heather PayneComputer Coding Creator
Kaliya Young
Kaliya YoungInternet Identity Advocate

Cynthia Breazeal
Cynthia BreazealSocial Robotics Engineer
Carol Espy-Wilson
Carol Espy-WilsonElectrical Engineer
Paula Hammond
Paula HammondChemical Engineer
Sarah Kovaleski
Sarah KovaleskiNuclear Engineer
Sylvia Lee
Sylvia LeeEnvironmental Engineer
Barbara Liskov
Barbara LiskovComputer Scientist and Engineer
Kimber Lockhart
Kimber LockhartWeb Application Engineer
Sara McAllister
Sara McAllisterMechanical and Fire Engineer
Ainissa Ramirez
Ainissa RamirezMaterials Engineer
Debbie Sterling
Debbie SterlingProduct Designer and Mechanical Engineer

Susan Athey
Susan AtheyEconomist
Maria Chudnovsky
Maria ChudnovskyGraph Theory Mathematician
Jeanne Gang
Jeanne GangArchitect
Trachette Jackson
Trachette JacksonCancer Modeling Mathematician
Bryna Kra
Bryna KraDynamical Systems Mathematician
Debbie Lawrence
Debbie LawrenceGeophysicist
Stacy Lindborg
Stacy LindborgBiostatistician
Tonya Manning
Tonya ManningActuary
Anna Nagurney
Anna NagurneyNetwork Systems Mathematician
Rachel Schutt
Rachel SchuttData Scientist
Stefani Wildhaber
Stefani WildhaberUrban Planner and Designer
Melanie Matchett Wood
Melanie Matchett WoodNumber Theory Mathematician

Women need role models and they need mentors. Women who are successful should coach other women. When you have people like that as a good example to other women, change happens.

IBM Venture Capital Director Deborah Magid