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“For more girls to be competitive in the technology-laden workforce of the future, they need role models and encouragement now.”

Source: Nicki Palmer, Chief Network Officer at Verizon Wireless
“We Need More Role Models for Women in STEM Now” by Motto

STEM Gems Summer Virtual Book Club
A Day in the Life of a STEM Gem

FREE Live Webinar every Wednesday throughout
June and July 2017 from 1-2 pm EST

Calling All Girls and Young Women

Are you curious to know how STEM Gems use Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to make a difference in the world? How they help people every day? Get your questions answered and learn more about the inspiring Gems below and their awesome STEM careers in the STEM Gems Summer Virtual Book Club series… and don’t forget to bring your STEM Gems book and a friend!

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Scheduled STEM Gems

June 7

Holly Liu
Holly LiuInternet Gaming Technologist

June 14

Maria Chudnovsky
Maria ChudnovskyGraph Theory Mathematician

June 21

Carol Espy-Wilson
Carol Espy-WilsonElectrical Engineer

June 28

Stacy Lindborg
Stacy LindborgBiostatistician

July 5

Sara McAllister
Sara McAllisterMechanical and Fire Engineer

July 12

Pardis Sabeti
Pardis SabetiComputational Biologist and Geneticist

July 19

Pilar Molina Lopez
Pilar Molina LopezAnimation Technologist

July 26

Helene Gayle
Helene GayleGlobal Health Scientist

“Economists say that pay in the STEM fields keeps growing while salaries in teaching and social services careers [and many other careers] remain stagnant.”

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Top 10 College Majors that Earn the Highest Salaries”