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Andrea Luecke

Solar Energy Technologist

Work hard and network as much as you possibly can. I don’t buy into gender roles or gender stereotypes and don’t think that women are inherently more instinctual or smarter or that men are better negotiators. We are different but equal.”

Career Highlights
  • President and Executive Director of The Solar Foundation, a non-profit group whose mission is to increase understanding of solar energy and educate the public
  • Inspires people to embrace the clean energy that comes free to use each sunny day
  • Mastermind behind the National Solar Jobs Census report series used to track solar jobs in the U.S. each year and the National Solar Schools Consortium that motivates schools to switch to solar energy and save costs
  • Study-abroad programs in college augmented her interest in sustainable international development

STEM Gems Club

Is a career in Solar Energy Technology in your future? Solar is universal and benefits all walks of life. Mastermind behind the National Solar Jobs Census report series, STEM Gem Andrea Luecke believes that it’s time for solar energy to be a greater part of the climate discussion. Read her story and digest. Consider watching one of her videos. Then, with your STEM Gems Tribe, discuss, explore, reflect, and act.