Transforming Pins to Profits: STEM Gem Spotlight Unnur Gretarsdottir

An Internet search for “women in STEM” will yield countless articles, studies and books that discuss the importance of women in the STEM workforce. The STEM Gems book assumes a different take on the subject by shining a spotlight on 44 inspiring women who are breaking down barriers and playing their part in eliminating the gender gap that exists in STEM today. Today’s STEM Gem, Unnur Gretarsdottir, is the head of monetization engineering at Pinterest. Read more about this remarkable woman and how she recognizes the importance of diversity in the tech industry.

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From E-commerce Startups to Entrepreneurial Success with STEM Gem Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Being a STEM Gem doesn’t come easy. Grit, perseverance and a can-do attitude are a few of the characteristics needed to make an impact. Today, we introduce a STEM Gem who used her knowledge in Internet marketing and technology to take a leap and pursue the career she always wanted. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is the founder of JOYUS, a shopping + video + social site where customers purchase products (clothing, cosmetics, accessories, etc.) via a “buy” button embedded in a video and share it on social media platforms. Read more about how this STEM Gem broke the mold for other female entrepreneurs.

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Robin Beinfait: STEM Gem Leading the Way in Mobile Technology

With each passing day, we learn about new STEM Gems making history in the world of STEM. Today, we introduce a STEM Gem who is a pioneer for STEM learning and a leader in the technology world. Robin Bienfait is Executive Vice President & Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer at Samsung Electronics. Read more about how her extensive background in technology makes her one of the most recognized women in the field today.

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Code Fever Co-founder Felecia Hatcher Teaches Coding to Low Income Teens and Young Adults

We’re excited to shine a spotlight on STEM Gems who are breaking down barriers and playing their part in eliminating the gender gap that exists in STEM today. Forty-four extraordinary women are highlighted in the STEM Gems book, but that doesn’t come close to the number of STEM Gem role models out in the world. Today’s spotlight shines on Felecia Hatcher, Founder of Black Tech Week and Co-founder of Code Fever. Read more about how she has dedicated her life to turning kids and young adults from undeserved communities into tech entrepreneurs by exposing them to opportunities in technology.

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