“I want little girls to believe in infinite possibilities. I want them to see me and think, Oh, that’s just what women do.”

NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps

Explore the paths of 44 inspiring women in 44 diverse STEM fields, and learn what it takes to be a STEM Gem.

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STEM Gems Book

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Book + Tote Bag

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Book + Tote Bag

$41.95 + S/H

“Our society is inching toward a future when the phrase ‘you code like a girl’ will be a compliment of the highest order.”

Source: Mashable, These STEM initiatives are inspiring women and girls around the globe

  • STEM Gems: How 44 Women Shine in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and How You Can Too!

    A vibrant, full-color 8.5″ x 8.5″ square book (232 pages) by Stephanie Espy with a mission to expose girls and young women to the many and varied options within STEM, to give them female STEM role models, and to help them create their own unique paths. Buy a copy today for the girls in your life, and show them that girls rock in STEM!
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  • Choose the STEM Gems t-shirt that represents her interests! The amethyst (purple) tee is for your budding STEM Gem Scientists. The ruby (pink) tee is for your aspiring STEM Gem Technologists. The sapphire (blue) tee is for your promising STEM Gem Engineers. The emerald (green) tee is for your blossoming STEM Gem Mathematicians. She's destined for greatness and beaming with confidence in her STEM Gem gear. Choose one, or choose all! Sizing Chart
  • Our beautiful STEM Gems tote bag has a large (14" H x 16.5" W x 5" L) zippered main compartment with a zipper closure, double 25" handles, open front pocket that includes elastic pen loops, side mesh pocket, and side canvas pocket. Girls and young women will love sporting their favorite STEM Gem tote in and out of school.